Erica Snyder is well known as an Author, a tough, certified personal trainer that gets results, a bodybuilding figure competitor (with a recent, sweeping win including the overall winner at Venice California’s famed Muscle Beach) a tireless group fitness instructor (teaching aerobic kickboxing, a pilates/yoga infusion, a core fitness class and a boot camp) and a personal development coach and mentor. But things weren’t always this way…

In 2003, Erica was 50 pounds overweight, a heavy smoker and drinker, hungover, lethargic, and without direction. The reality check for Erica came at an annual doctors visit where her physician told her she had high blood pressure, was pre-diabetic and would likely face life threatening illnesses if she didn’t do something about her health. That was the Aha! moment that changed everything.

Erica had tried and failed many attempts at healthy living before, but with this new determination she set out to stop being her own worst enemy once and for all - and so her journey to wellness began.

Over the course of the next year Erica lost 50 pounds, but knew keeping it off would be even tougher. As an honor graduate of the esteemed Argosy University, a private college focused on the study of psychology, Erica began an intense, systematic research and development mission to find practical, real world practices and techniques she could adapt and integrate into her life that would ensure she stayed the course of beating the self sabotaging ways that had been her worst enemy.

Over the course of the following 6 years she would refine her research and ultimately create 21 practical, yet effective practices that not only allowed her to maintain her healthy lifestyle but excel at it.

Erica went on to write her book, How I Beat Self Sabotage and How You Can Too, become a certified personal trainer, a certified group fitness instructor, a passionate fitness competitor and a mentor to hundreds of people across the country who sought her guidance on their journey’s of living a life of purpose and inspiration.

Erica is passionate about helping others and would love the opportunity to help you identify your pathway to whatever success you’re pursuing.