Erica Snyder Self Sabotage

Are you ready to beat self sabotage and change your life forever? 

"Self sabotage is a destructive enemy of purposeful living that most people don’t identify as something that’s holding them back in their life. You can’t see it, and you can’t smell it, but it’s there - permeating every corner of your psyche - robbing you of your goals and dreams. It's time to beat it, once and for all!" ~ Erica Snyder

  • Ideal for couples, students, parents and entreprenuers
  • All the tools you need to take your life to the next level
  • Learn to strip away life's junk to reveal the you inside
  • Bonus 21-Minute Trainer™ video, and more...
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"Must Read!"

Erica provides an authentic approach to recognizing self-limiting thoughts and behaviors, and provides readers with real-life solutions to step out of their comfort zones and feel good doing it. 

The concept of Chunking and The Real Secret will make a difference to everyone who invests time to make a change.  

Thanks, Erica! ~Tracy

I just finished reading this book. Wow!! I wish that I had these practical strategies earlier to use on myself. I am grateful to have them now to implement in my life. Each of the strategies make sense and can be used immediately to help free your mind. Self-sabotage can be a tough thing to beat - it's a daily struggle - and Erica Snyder has provided useful techniques to help you on the journey to freedom. 

Thank you for sharing your story and your tips!! ~Clarissa 

Wow! It's hard to argue with common sense and it's not just understanding what needs to be changed. What made this book valuable to me is the simple ways it is broken down (Chunk It Down) and an easy to understand paradigm shift. Snyder empowers me to make elemental changes like "Magic Monday" and examining your '​​​circle'. 

A must read, definitely not just another self-help book, this has teeth! ~J Maxx